Trevor Moore's 'Whitest Kids U Know' Castmates Speak out in Tearful Stream With Fans

Trevor Moore's collaborators and co-stars from The Whitest Kids U' Know joined fans on a Twitch [...]

Trevor Moore's collaborators and co-stars from The Whitest Kids U' Know joined fans on a Twitch livestream this weekend to mourn the comedian. Moore passed away on Friday, Aug. 7 in an accident about which the details have still not been fully revealed. His friends and long-time collaborators thanked fans for their support during this difficult time for all of them.

More was 41 years old when he passed away this month, and was survived by his wife and one son. He was perhaps best-known for co-founding the sketch comedy group Whitest Kids U' Know, which began in 1999 and got a TV show in 2006. The show bounced from Fuse to IFC as executives constantly debated the extremely topical and explicit comedy the group produced. All four of Moore's original collaborators were on this weekend's livestream — Zach Cregger, Sam Brown, Timmy Williams and Darren Trumeter.

"It has a meant a whole lot to me — and I know it has meant a lot to Trevor's family — to see the outpouring in this community of love, and all that stuff," Cregger said near the beginning of the stream. "It really has meant a lot. I'm probably going to cry... Thank you guys for all your messages... I've said this before, but Trevor really did feel the love from you guys, this community. It was not just a one-way thing for him."

The four comedians talked about Moore's legacy and his personality for about 1 hour and 40 minutes during the stream. They have done other broadcasts since Moore's passing as well, often remarking on how tight-knit their online fandom has become. They have also given some updates on the group's future projects, including which ones will be completed without Moore.

"We are going to finish Mars!" Gregger revealed in the stream. "All of Trevor's lines are recorded, he has given notes on the animatic, everything that we need to get done is done. So, the Mars that is going to be completed is the Mars that — I want everyone to know — Trevor signed off on."

Mars is an upcoming animated movie the White Kids U' Know have been working on as part of their re-launch. The group reunited during the COVID-19 pandemic for virtual content including videos and live streams, and have been slowly expanding their plans in the months since. Their Twitch stream included a segment called "Self Suck Saturday," which was renamed this weekend into "Sad Suck Saturday."

Their podcast Newsboyz also began as a Twitch segment, but Moore soon dubbed it "the flagship show" of their resurgence. Cregger explained that the latest episode was actually one of the last things Moore ever did. He said: "Trevor died, like, two hours after we finished the final Newsboyz, and we have not uploaded that Newsboyz to YouTube. And the only reason we haven't, is it felt weird to me, because I knew there was just going to be, like, morbid interest in that video... We're going to upload it... I'm really happy to have that one up, because Trevor was in a great — Trevor was a happy guy! His light was a happy night, I'm happy to put that up."

The four comedians outlined some plans for future content but left other aspects of their future together up in the air, not wanting to overshadow the mourning period for Moore with logistical considerations. They are still accepting memberships on Patreon and appearing regularly on Twitch, then uploading those streams to YouTube. There is no word on when the crowdfunded movie Mars will come out.