Tori Spelling Vents About Running out of Toilet Paper Amid Shortage: 'We Have 7 Butts to Wipe'

Like many across the states, Tori Spelling is feeling the effects of the hoarding mentality that's sweeping the country. Since the coronavirus has intensified in its exposure and many states have begun to shut down schools for multiple weeks, the stores have become overrun with shoppers looking to stock up.

As a result, many store shelves are left bare and picked through. The Beverly Hills, 90210 star saw that firsthand as she shared on Instagram that she was struggling to find enough toilet paper for her large family.

"We're all sick and the kids' schools are closed, so we're all home," she said during a video she uploaded onto her story. "And it's raining. And the stores are out of toilet paper and we have seven butts to wipe and no toilet paper to be found."

Later on, Spelling, who opened up about how some of her kids have been bullied in a lengthy Instagram post in February, revealed her husband, Dean McDermott, was able to track down a roll around the house, "My husband is a rock star."

Together, the pair have five children, ranging in age from three to 13 years old.

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On March 15, Spelling and McDermott celebrated their oldest son turning 13.

"He's officially a teenager," she began the caption. "I can't believe my first tiny teacher on the journey of motherhood is now teaching me the art of having a teen. I'm so proud of him."

As for the growing concerns among consumers, It may only get more challenging for shoppers across America as many stores have begun to announce new hours they will operate under. Walmart and Publix, for example, have shared that they will be closing earlier. In the case of Publix, the chain will be shutting down each day at 8 p.m.


Some stores have taken it a step further, announcing full-on closures. Apple was among the first to do so with their stores in China, but Nike made the decision to begin closing some of their U.S. stores to limit the exposure of COVID-19.

"The well-being of our teammates and consumers is our top priority so we have decided to close our stores in multiple countries around the world including in the United States, Canada, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand to limit the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19)," said Nike in a memo sent to their employees.