Tori Spelling's Family Photo Provokes Debate About Long Hair

Tori Spelling's latest family photo quickly became the hosting site for a heated debate over who is "allowed" to have long hair.

The Beverly Hills, 90210 alum shared a picture of herself and four oldest children to discuss putting tuna sandwiches in their school lunches, just one of the random ads she hosts on social media.

"I've always been tuna fish obsessed but as a mama bear of 5 the mercury of it all totally freaked me out," Spelling wrote before talking about Safe Catch tuna. "Re-introducing tuna sandwiches to the kids lunches with no worries of their mercury intake!"

Many of the 44-year-old's fans loved the family photo — and the mom's new hairdo.

"Beautiful family, so blessed," one follower praised. Another added, "Love your new hair style!"

"They look like Dean. Except the one you're holding. She looks like mommy," a follower wrote. "Sorry I don't remember her name. Beautiful family…" But Spelling isn't holding a daughter; it's her 5-year-old son, Finn.

Several of Spelling's followers criticized the mom for allowing her boy to grow out his hair.

"Some body needs a haircut," one mom-shamer wrote. Another added, "Cut that kids hair! Please."

Spelling kept quiet in the comments, but one follower came to her defense, sharing her own house rules.

"In our house we don't subscribe to those ol' school type attitudes. Boys have short hair, boys like blue, yada yada... my only daughter is more like a boy than any of my 3 sons!" the mom wrote. "She's a total tomboy, the biggest athlete out of the 4. We don't slap gender role requirements on them, we just want them to be healthy & happy on their own skin!"

This isn't Spellings first run at being mom-shamed; the realty TV personality was criticized earlier in the week for supposedly bleaching her 9-year-old daughter's hair.

She snapped a photo of daughter Stella on Monday, decked out in camo at at a home improvement store. Spelling praised her for helping to gather supplies to build something for her bedroom, but a fan was not so impressed.

"Bleaching your daughter's hair?" the critical follower wrote. "#WHITETRASH."

Others wondered why Stella would be moving into the same room has her younger sister, fueling speculation Spelling and husband Dean McDermott were looking to make room for a nursery.


"Sharing a room to [make] room for baby…" a curious fan claimed.

Spelling and McDermott are already parents to five children: Liam, 10, Stella, 9, Hattie, 6, Finn, 5, and Beau, 10 months.