Tori Spelling Blasted for Leaving Dean McDermott's Son out of Family Photo

Tori Spelling's fans may still be on baby bump watch, but others are after her for another reason completely. Some fans took issue with the fact that Spelling's husband Dean McDermott's oldest son Jack wasn't included in the family Christmas photos Spelling shared to Instagram.

"One of my fave holiday traditions is wearing matching family PJ's on Christmas Day. I think this year's are my fave so far," Spelling wrote in the caption. "And, it's Baby Beau's 1st Christmas. You have to swipe thru the pics. The tushes with 'sweet cheeks' is too cute."

Throughout the pics, Spelling, McDermott and their five kids can be seen posing in matching pajamas in front of the Christmas tree. Some fans took to the comment section to wish the former 90210 star a merry Christmas while others focused on Spelling's strategic placement in the photos. Some claimed she was hiding a baby bump with Beau or McDermott's knee.

"She thinks she is slick hiding that bump. Lol," one person wrote.

"Yes she is obviously pregnant that baby bump!" someone else wrote.

"She's been hiding her belly in all her pics lately. Tori you are a good mom. Don't need to hide your bump," another said.

"Just announce you're preggo! Beau doesn't need to cover up your bump!! Come on girl," another chimed in.

Others focused on the fact that McDermott's oldest son, Jack, who McDermott had with ex-wife Mary Jo Eustace, wasn't featured in the photos.

"It's so sad & heartbreaking NOT seeing Dean's 1st son, included in your family photos. It says a lot," one person wrote.

"Why is Deans oldest son never in any pictures with the rest of the kids?" another asked.

Spelling has yet to comment back to anyone calling her out on her baby bump or on the lack of Jack's presence. She and McDermott have been keeping up appearances despite alleged financial troubles this holiday season.

On Dec. 10, the couple stepped out on the town for an annual Christmas soirée in Washington, D.C., CafeMom reports. The duo didn't look fazed by their financial circumstances as they posed with a fan in front of a Christmas tree.

Both Spelling and McDermott are currently being sued for hundreds of thousands of dollars and have both faced jailtime.

In November, it was reported that Spelling was sued by City National Bank for not paying back $171,149.09 that she withdrew. The couple had also been sued by the same bank for not paying back the full amount of a $400,000 loan they took out in 2010. The bank claimed that the couple owed "an unpaid principle balance in the amount of $185,714.05, plus interest in the amount of $2,407.92 and late charges in the amount of $681.41, for a total of $188,803.38."


Spelling is also facing two lawsuits from American Express for owing over $125,000. The couple was also targeted by the IRS for not paying taxes.

McDermott has faced financial battles of his own. Eustace accused him of not paying child support for Jack. She claimed that McDermott owed her $100,000. McDermott failed to make a court appearance, leading to accusations that he was "dodging" being served papers and causing him to potentially face jailtime.