Tori Spelling's Neighbors Speak out: 'Their Fights Can Be Heard Throughout the Whole Neighborhood'

After police were called to Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott's home three times in a week, neighbors are speaking out about the couple, calling them the "neighbors from hell."

"They argue several times a week," a source told In Touch of Spelling, 44, and McDermott, 51. "Their fights can be heard throughout the whole neighborhood. Tori's yelling and hysterical crying are unmistakable."

Before police responded to a 911 call reporting a "breakdown" on the morning of Thursday, March 1, police had received a 911 call from Spelling the night before, hearing someone enter the house and not realizing it was McDermott.

"She freaked because Dean had not bene home for a few days," the source said. "He left to clear the air after one of their fights. They really are the neighbors from hell."

The neighbor's comments come a day after an insider told Us Weekly that Spelling's "friends and family are all very, very worried" about her.

“You would think the cheating, money problems and constant arguing would be enough for Tori to decide to divorce Dean, but she refuses to even discuss it,” the source said.

“Tori believes a divorce would label her as a failure,” explains the insider, who claims most of Spelling's arguments with McDermott pertain to financial woes.

"They are heavily in debt,” the source says, and have moved eight times in the past seven years. “Tori has had enough of Dean’s moaning about not being a working actor and is demanding he get a real job to support their family.” But McDermott “will start a cooking school or take up another professional hobby, then give it up.”

As previously reported, police responded to a call at Spelling and McDermott's Woodland Hills home Thursday after receiving a call around 7 a.m. local time claiming Spelling was being aggressive and going through what one source describes as a "nervous breakdown."

Insiders said that Spelling did not have any weapons, but she snapped enough for someone in the house to call an emergency operator.

A source told Entertainment Tonight that she and McDermott have been at odds, fighting over money and the kids, and that an argument between them sparked her outburst leading to the 911 call.


Almost a week after the incident, onlookers spotted police outside the couple's home Wednesday. The Daily Mail reports that at least two police officers arrived at the Los Angeles residence, and were seen talking to McDermott outside of the house.

It's unclear why police responded and if it had anything to do with Thursday's previous incident.