What Tommy Wiseau Wanted to Say Before James Franco Stopped Him

When James Franco denied the mic to Tommy Wiseau during his Golden Globes acceptance speech on Sunday, it turns out Wiseau only wanted to share a message of love.

Franco, who won Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture (Comedy), plays Wiseau in the film about the making of 2003's The Room, a cult favorite considered to be one of the best-worst films ever made.

After inviting Wiseau onstage, Wiseau tried to grab the mic from Franco during his speech, but not before he was stopped by Franco.

Social media went crazy over the viral moment and wondered if Franco stopped the filmmaker from speaking because he's known for being a bit of a character. It seems now we know what Wiseau wanted to say.

Not long after Franco's speech, Wiseau tweeted from his verified Twitter account, "If a lot of people love each other the world will be a better place to live!"

He later confirmed to The L.A. Times that is what he was planning to say onstage.

During his speech, Franco went on to tell a story of Wiseau, using his famously mysterious accent, of how Wiseau decided to make it in Hollywood by producing, writing and starring in his own film.


The movie, as depicted both in The Disaster Artist and the book of the same name, was notorious for being awful. But it did earn a cult following for being so bad it was easy to quote and laugh at.