Tommy Lee 911 Call: Fiancee Says 'My Stepson Has Guns in His Room'

Tommy Lee's fiancee called 9-1-1 in a panic on Monday, after the Motley Crue drummer was knocked out by his son in of family drama. An audio recording of the call has been published by TMZ.

The recording is nearly eight minutes long. In it, actress Brittany Furlan asked officers to respond after Lee's son, Brandon, knocked him out with a punch to the face.

"My stepson and my fiancee got into a fight, and he pushed his father, and then he tried — he asked his son to leave and he wouldn't leave, and then he punched him," Furlan explains. The dispatcher's first question is whether Lee's son had any weapons on hand.

"My stepson has guns in his room, that's why I'm freak out," Furlan tells the dispatcher. "I just locked the door."

Furlan goes on to take panicked instructions from the dispatcher on how to help her unconscious fiancee. She was concerned that Lee's injuries might be more severe than a bloody lip and bad headache. The 55-year-old drummer was reportedly hospitalized over the incident.

"He's still unconscious, like he's out," Furlan said. "He punched him really hard, he punched him, like, in the face and he went flying backwards." The dispatcher repeatedly assured 31-year-old Furlan that police were on their way, however, they were apparently preparing for the worst after she mentioned that her stepson had guns.

In the course of the phone call, Lee comes to a little bit. He can be heard grumbling in the background as Furlan assures him that help is on the way. "I think his son just left," she says. "I heard the front door open."

Eventually, Lee became coherent enough to ask Furlan not to bring the paramedics over. "He wants me to cancel you guys," she says to the operator.

"Well, we'll keep coming, just to be safe," he responds.

Furlan goes on to confirm that Lee and his son were fighting over the photos Lee had posted of his ex-wife, Pamela Anderson. Anderson is Brandon's mother, and she recently did an interview with Piers Morgan on Life Stories, where she recounted her disastrous three year marriage to Lee.


Lee responded with a social media tirade, attacking Morgan for the interview on Twitter and claiming that Anderson still wants him back. Apparently, the 21-year-old didn't take kindly to his father's harsh words about his mother. He spoke to TMZ, claiming that he was confronting his father about the Internet drama. However, he claims that Lee threw the first punch.

The young man is being investigated for criminal battery, as Lee filed an official police report.