'Today': Al Roker Marks Special Moment in Recovery Journey

Al Roker is, thankfully, on the mend following some serious health issues that he experienced at the end of 2022. Not only did he return to his Today show roots, but he's also been well enough to hit the town with his wife, Deborah Roberts. On Instagram, Roberts shared how she and Roker went on their "first major outing in a while" to see the revival of Death of a Salesman

Roberts shared several photos from her latest excursion with the Today meteorologist. She and Roker posed with members of the Death of a Salesman cast, including Wendell Pierce, after getting to see the show. Roberts noted that was a "breathtaking night," as evidenced by the bright smiles that she and Roker flashed in the photos. She explained that they were originally going to see the production in late 2022 before Roker fell ill. Now that he's in recovery mode, they were finally able to catch the show.

"[Al] and I were scheduled to see this show just days after he fell ill. But we got here just days before it wraps," Roberts wrote. "And what a breathtaking performance. Bravo to the masterful production team who reimagined this classic work!" Roker and his wife hit the town shortly after his return to the Today show. He was forced to take a step back from the show due to being hospitalized in November after a blood clot was found in his leg that traveled to his lungs. 

Roker made his grand return to the morning show in early January. At the beginning of the broadcast, Roker walked onto the stage to greet Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie, the latter of whom said, "To say we have missed you doesn't even begin to describe it. It is nothing without you here." Kotb added that the crew was "weepy" on the morning of his return. 

"I have missed you guys so very much. You are my second family. It's just great to be back — and wearing pants," Roker joked in reply. "It's so much fun." Later on in the show, before delivering the weather forecast, Roker shared his gratitude with those who wished him well amid his medical ordeal, saying,  "It's so good to be back here hanging out. Thank you all, you at home so much for all the thoughts and prayers for me and my family. It meant the world to us, believe me."