'The View': Whoopi Goldberg Cuts off Meghan McCain Amid Coronavirus Debate

A heated discussion emerged on The View as Whoopi Goldberg appeared to pull the plug on Meghan McClain as the two discussed the $3 trillion COVID-19 relief bill proposal on Monday. The conversation was brought up as the bill had gained approval from the House of Representatives and now will head to the Senate, where it is likely it will not pass.

At the end of the conversation, Goldberg seemingly cut to a commercial sooner than expected as McCain was still talking, with her last words before the break posing a question, "How are we going to tax people if there's no economy?" A source to PEOPLE suggests that it actually may not have been what it appeared as due to the hosts working remotely, delays often happen and McCain still speaking may have been a result of that. The source said, "it's entirely possible" that McCain was operating a little behind Goldberg and the other hosts.

Sunny Hostin and Joy Behar agreed with Goldberg calling for the Senate to pass the stimulus package. Behar feels the package would be of great necessity to those in need, but Hostin said it might not go through solely because of Republican lawmakers. "What this is really about is the 'haves' not wanting the 'have nots' to survive this, and that is really, really serious," she explained before saying that the money is not the issue, but it's where the money is going that would be of concern to those in the Senate. Hearing that was what set McCain off, who previously engaged with her counterparts earlier in the segment about their differing views of Barack Obama, as she countered that it's "just a Democrat wish list," calling their stances "ridiculous." As McCain begin her argument, Goldberg chimed in, "Hold on, I just want to — just let me finish... let me finish my point." That was when she sent the show into a break.


McCain, who has been on The View since 2017, urged that people start "talking to each other in the middle," and that fault needs to accepted on both ends. This disagreement wasn't the first time McCain and Goldberg, in particular, got into a lively exchanging of words. Last December, after one of their bouts, Goldberg said things could sometimes "go off the rails," but that's what their job is. McCain said, "we like we are family" and added she doesn't take any of it personally.