'The View' Guest Host Elisabeth Hasselbeck Wears 'I Believe in Nashville' Shirt After Deadly Tornado

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is using her guest-hosting platform on The View to spread awareness on the [...]

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is using her guest-hosting platform on The View to spread awareness on the devastation that has hit the city of Nashville, Tennessee, following a deadly tornado last week. Hasselbeck, who used to be a regular co-host on the popular morning talk show, was decked out in Nashville gear as she talked about her time volunteering in Nashville alongside her husband Tim Hasselbeck and thousands of others.

The 42-year-old was dressed in the popular "I Believe in Nashville" T-shirt that was made to raise money for the city as volunteers pick up the fallen pieces of so many homes and businesses. As she was reflecting on her time in Music City, she couldn't help but to point out the amount of volunteers that came out to help, something the city has never seen before despite past destruction the city has seen.

"I'm here, I'm wearing a bunch of Nashville gear. I'm happy to be a neighbor there, I'm happy to be a friend there. It's been a hard week," she told the audience and co-hosts.

She continued to point out how "the response there has been awesome."

"To see a schoolroom shattered, alphabet cards on the ground... the devastation rocked our hearts. But I have to tell you, the soul and spirit of Nashville is so alive. They have never seen more volunteers. They called for 20,000 volunteers one day, 30,000 showed up. The Red Cross said they'd never seen a city respond this way."

Before urging viewers to go to The View's website to find ways to help those in the city of Nashville, she said, "The devastation is real, the damage is unbelievable."

"I just heard this over and over again: 'What do you need and how can I help?'"

Since the deadly tornado, which killed at least two dozen people, not only has the city come together to pitch in with physical help, donations and financial aid, but organizations and celebrities have stepped forward to aid in those efforts as well. The Tennessee Titans have donated $1 million, as well as Taylor Swift. Several others like P.K. Subban, who played for the Nashville Predators, and actress Pauley Perrette have stepped in to shine line on those hit by the devastation.

Photo credit: Jason Davis/Getty.