'The View' Co-Host Meghan McCain Wishes Twitter Followers a Happy Hanukkah, Sparks Spirited Reaction

The View co-host Meghan McCain wished her followers and fans a Happy Hanukkah on Twitter Sunday, the first night of the eight-night Jewish holiday. While it was clearly an innocent move, McCain's critics rolled their eyes in response. Many others also thanked her for recognizing the holiday.

"Wishing everyone a very Happy Hannukah to all who celebrate!" McCain wrote, adding a menorah GIF.

Several of her followers pointed out that McCain spelled Hanukkah incorrectly. There are many different spellings of the holiday, but it is usually spelled with one "n" and two "k"s.

"One n two k's. Just sayin...." one fan wrote.

"One would think this self professed,albeit self-centered 'smart political analyst' would at least spell it right!" another wrote.

"Why would someone with so much hatred for immigrants, and other groups she sees as lower than her wish anyone a happy holiday??" a critic wrote. "This world is f—."

Others were happy to see McCain wish everyone a Happy Hanukkah.

"Thank you," one follower wrote. "This is the type of civility that we need a lot more of in this country. Your Dad would be proud."

"Todah! (Thank you)," another tweeted. "Merry Christmas to you and your whole family, knowing this time is difficult."

"Thank you so much for getting the importance of respect for Jewish, Muslim peoples to celebrate as well as Christians celebrating their holy days," another wrote. "Always love you, sometimes critical."

McCain, daughter of the late Arizona Sen. John McCain, is known as a conservative voice on The View. She has also been at the center of several viral moments on the daytime talkshow. In one scene earlier this month, Whoopi Goldberg told McCain to "stop talking" during a heated discussion about President Donald Trump's impeachment. In a following episode, the two assured viewers they still get along, even though they do not agree politically.

"America's at very heated levels right now. I don't love it. I don't think anybody at home loves it ... but it is representative of what's going on and is raw and real," McCain said. "We're all passionate women. I'm hyper, hyper conservative. Everybody else at the table is not, and sometimes we're gonna clash heads. But it is indicative of what the holidays are like for a lot of people... But we also came together and we're fine."

McCain also suggested that the media's coverage of the original incident was sexist.


"I think with the media blowing it up, I just don't think it would happen with men," McCain said on Dec. 17, "and there were a lot of commentators, Greta Van Susteren in particular, talking about the coverage of us and how sexist the language always is, especially reporting on when the fights happen on this show, and I, for one, am over it."

Photo credit: Roy Rochlin/Getty Images