'The Ranch' Alum Danny Masterson Just Visited an Iconic 'Game of Thrones' Location

Danny Masterson visited one of the iconic cities where Game of Thrones was filmed over the weekend, as he revealed on Instagram.

Masterson posted a photo of himself standing above Kind's Landing on Sunday. The actor wore a captain's hat as he steers his own course through Europe. Masterson has been travelling for a while now, and this weekend, it looks like he made a stop in Croatia, where he visited Dubrovnik, the city that served as King's Landing on HBO's Game of Thrones.

A die-hard fan might recognize the stone and slate city over Masterson's shoulder, although all the CGI and medieval trappings are missing. On TV, the city would be overlaid with CGI to erase modern amenities and impose appropriate ones, including the massive city walls and the towering castle on the hill.

(Photo: Instagram @dannymasterson)

This process was revealed in Game of Thrones: The Last Watch, a feature length documentary about the making of the final season. Fans saw how much of King's Landing was real and how much was not, though as Masterson learned, it can be quite a different thing to see it for yourself.

Thankfully, fans can do just that. Dubrovnik prides itself on its new fantasy reputation. The city is open for tours of various filming locations, inviting fans to visit the capitol of Westeros for themselves. Some of the other filming locations have done the same, capitalizing on the success of Game of Thrones to bring in fresh tourist dollars.

Fans left comments saying that they were jealous of Masterson, and wanted to make the trip themselves. Some were excited to see the actor in Europe, where he was apparently traveling for a while before and after his brother's wedding in Italy.

Masterson visited different places in France, Italy and Croatia, making the most of his time overseas. It is unclear when he plans to come back home, but fans are persistently begging him to rejoin the cast of The Ranch when he does so.


The only problem with that is that Netflix fired Masterson from the series, then announced its imminent cancellation. Masterson left The Ranch halfway through Season 3, when multiple allegations of sexual assault emerged against him.

Masterson's character, Rooster, was replaced by a new one named Luke, played by Dax Shepard. However, this change did not last long, as Netflix announced that the upcoming Season 4 of The Ranch will be its last. The series finale is expected to drop some time in 2020.