'The Price Is Right' Host Drew Carey Reacts to Bob Barker's Death

Drew Carey will always hold Bob Barker's memory close to him and on the set of 'The Price is Right.'

Drew Carey is paying tribute to Bob Barker. News broke today that long-time The Price is Right host Barker passed away at 99. Tributes have already been pouring in, including from his Happy Gilmore co-star Adam Sandler. It was only just a matter of time before current Price is Right host Carey honored his friend and predecessor. He took to Twitter to pay tribute, noting that he "will carry his memory" in his heart forever. He also said that "there hasn't been a day on set" that he didn't think of Barker and "thank him."

Carey took over as host of The Price is Right after Barker retired in 2007. He is the series' longest-running host, having hosted since its debut in 1972 until his retirement. Although Barker retired from The Price is Right, he continued to appear on television, either in a guest host capacity on a few shows, TV endorsements for an election, commercials, and more. He returned to The Price is Right three times after his retirement. In 2009, he promoted his autobiography, he celebrated his 90th birthday in December 2013, and his final appearance was as an April Fool's Day prank in 2015, having switched places with Carey.

Bob Barker passed away from natural causes on Saturday morning, TMZ confirmed. Along with his long hosting gig on The Price is Right, he also hosted Truth or Consequences, That's My Line, and The Family Game. Barker also became quite the animal rights activist. He founded the DJ&T foundation in 1994, which has contributed millions of dollars to animal-neutering programs and funded animal rescue and park facilities all over the country. He's donated money to PETA and schools such as the University of Virginia Law School, Harvard Law School, and Georgetown University Law Center to support the study of animal rights.

With The Price is Right at Night airing as part of CBS' fall 2023 schedule, fans can expect some sort of tribute to Bob Barker. The series is coming back on Monday, Oct. 9 at 8 p.m. ET before settling into its new time period on Friday, Oct. 13 at 8 p.m. ET. Even though Barker hasn't been the host since 2007, it is still going to be weird to watch new episodes. But his presence is definitely still felt on the set, and it's clear that he will forever and always be part of Drew Carey and the Price is Right family.