Terry Crews Calls out Firm for Allowing Agent Who Allegedly Sexually Assaulted Him to Return to Work

Terry Crews responded to the news that Adam Venit, the Hollywood agent he accused of groping him, is going back to work for WME.

On Monday, The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that Venit returned to WME's Beverly Hills headquarters after a one-month unpaid suspension.

Crews tweeted a link to the THR report, adding "SOMEONE GOT A PASS."

Crews also tweeted a printed out copy of WME co-CEO Ari Emanuel's 2006 HuffPost essay, "The Bottom Line on Mel Gibson's Anti-Semitic Remarks." In that essay, Emanuel called for Gibson to be blacklisted. Crews sent it to him with Gibson's name replaced with Venit's.

"I exchanged Adam Venit for Mel, and sexual assault for anti-Semitic," Crews wrote. "He said 'it’s different' and handed the letter back to me."

Venit was suspended last month for a February 2016 incident in which he allegedly grabbed the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star's genitals.

Crews first tweeted about it on Oct. 10, days after the Harvey Weinstein scandal exploded. The actor did not name Venit, but it was later reported that he was the agent Crews mentioned. Crews also filed a police report against Venit.


Although Venit is back at work, THR reports that he was demoted as head of WME's motion picture department. He reportedly gave a tearful apology during a meeting Monday morning.

Sources told THR that Crews did complain about Venit's behavior to agent Brad Slater, who never told his superiors. WME launched its investigation into Venit.