Terry Crews Responds to Backlash Over 'Black Supremacy' Tweet

On Monday, Terry Crews appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers, where he addressed his controversial "Black Supremacy" tweet from over the weekend. Crews sparked a debate among fans, online pundits and other celebrities on Saturday when he warned that "defeating White supremacy without White people creates Black supremacy." He tried to clarify his meaning this week.

Crews admitted that a big point of confusion with his tweet on Saturday was "the term Black supremacy," which he said was "just destroyed" in the ensuing conversation. However, he still felt that the meaning behind his post held true. He said that he was really trying to draw attention to "so-called gatekeepers" within the black community, "who decide who's black and who's not." He said that this was dangerous territory for any social movement, pointing to presidential candidate Joe Biden's recent misstep as a clear example. He suggested that activists needed to be more accepting of people from different backgrounds to strengthen their movement.

"There are certain black people who've determined that what I'm doing has no bearing — I have been rendered moot because I am successful," he claimed. "My point is, we need all of us. When you're talking about women's rights, women's rights without men — nothing changes. If men don't understand how to treat women, we're going to have a problem. And it's the same thing with white people."

"I do want to let everyone know that that comment, that tweet, was sent out of love. In an effort for reconciliation. I want to be the solution, I do not want to be the problem," he added. Crews was called out by many Twitter respondents for warning about "Black supremacy" — a problem that critics said was not possible "unless we rewrite the last millennium." Many argued that his post was drawing attention and energy away from the work that currently needs to be done within the Black Lives Matter movement.

On the upside, Crews told Meyers that these issues will play a part in the upcoming season Brooklyn Nine-Nine. He confirmed that the cast and creators have been having discussions about how to handle their police comedy in today's social climate, looking for new ways to address systemic racism and violence within law enforcement.


"We had some somber talks, and some really, really eye-opening conversations about how to handle this new season," he said. Crews plays Lieutenant Terry Jeffords on the show — a sometimes-anxious family man who has been at the center of some of the show's most impactful commentary on race as it relates to policing. There is no word yet on when Season 8 might premiere.