Ted Danson Arrested in DC With Jane Fonda During Protests for Climate Change

Jane Fonda has been arrested for the third Friday in a row while she and a group protested climate change outside the U.S. Capitol building. Actor Ted Danson, who was among those protesting with Fonda, was also arrested. Video surfaced on social media of Danson being arrested first, shortly after 12:30 p.m. ET.

In the clip shared by The Washington Post's Hannah Jewell, Danson is cuffed and led away as a crowd of onlookers cheers. In response to a shouted question about whether he'd been arrested before, Danson, 71, said, "Nope."

Later, he shared a handcuffed high-five with Fonda, 81, Jewell wrote on Twitter. She also reported that his personal effects were confiscated and placed in a plastic bag labeled "Donson."

Video posted by Fire Drill Fridays, which Fonda has been calling her weekly demonstrations, showed the Grace and Frankie star in her increasingly symbolic red coat also being arrested. She too was handcuffed and led away by police as onlookers cheered.

Danson was one of the afternoon's featured speakers, addressing about 100 protestors before police descended, TMZ reports. Although The Good Place actor joked during his speech that he was "Jane's newest trainee," he has deep ties to preserving the planet, including his 2011 book Oceana, which describes the environmental problems affecting the world's oceans, caused in part by offshore drilling.

"All of this is inconvenient," Danson said Friday. "It's inconvenient for politicians to stop taking money from fossil fuels."

The two stars along with other protestors were arrested for unlawfully demonstrating.

Fonda wrote on her website earlier this month at the launch of Fire Drill Fridays that she and others are demanding the passage of the Green New Deal, and that she'll attend weekly peaceful demonstrations through early January.

Last Friday, Fonda's Grace and Frankie co-star Sam Waterston was arrested with Fonda while protesting. The arrest was also Waterston's first.

Fonda has made it clear she intends on getting arrested as many times as it takes to get her climate change concern point across; the actress, a political activist for decades, is a staunch opponent of oil industry developments.


"I will be on the Capitol every Friday, rain or shine, inspired and emboldened by the incredible movement our youth have created," she previously wrote on her website.