Tamar Braxton Credits Boyfriend David Adefeso for 'Saving My Life' in Touching Thank You Note

Tamar Braxton has gone through some trying experiences over the past few weeks after being found unconscious by her boyfriend, David Adefeso, in their hotel room. Since recovered and finally speaking out on the situation, Braxton took a moment over the weekend to shine a light on Adefeso for being by her side through all of the crazy times.

She began her post by saying while in the mental health facility, which she reportedly was transferred to after her stint in the hospital, she was able to reflect on a lot of things, her boyfriend being one of them. Expressing her need to publicly thank Adefeso, "Thanking my love [David Adefeso] for saving my life, I'm so grateful."

When reports of her situation first came out, it was said that her boyfriend was the one who discovered her unconscious body. She noted that this was the case, "I'm sure finding me the way you did couldn't have been easy, but know that people coming at you saying all this crazy stuff isn't easy for me." She thanked him for being the one that "held my hand, heard my cries," and was there for her when she was "weak." Noting that she couldn't imagine her life without him, Braxton concluded her sentiment by applauding him for being there, "You were here for me when nobody was and still is."

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The Braxton Family Values star wasn't only dishing out praise, though. Before her Instagram post highlight her boyfriend, she hopped on social media to vent about WEtv, the network that hosts her series and one she has been a part of for 11 years. She claimed she had been "betrayed" by the network along with "taken advantage of." Continuing, she shared that she wrote a letter to WE tv, "asking to be freed from what I believed was excessive and unfair."

The message didn't result in anything, she said, admitting that the silence hit her hard. WEtv put out a statement responding to her accusations, revealing that they will work with her representatives to "end all future work for the network." Her new reality show, set to air on the network, will continue to go on as scheduled with Get Ya Life! prepared to debut after the summer on Sept. 10.