Suzanne Somers Apologizes for 'Marital Joke' on Megyn Kelly's Morning Show

Suzanne Somers apologized for her 'marital rape' joke on Thursday's Megyn Kelly Today episode. [...]

Suzanne Somers apologized for her "marital rape" joke on Thursday's Megyn Kelly Today episode. During an interview to promote her book, she claimed her husband, Alan Hamel, has sex with her when she's asleep.

"While out promoting my book, Two's Company, I answered 'yes' when asked if my husband and I have sex every day, then joked that, 'I'm not always awake for it.' I then carried the joke too far. I am deeply sorry," the Three's Company actress told PEOPLE.

Somers continued, "Nonconsensual sex is a serious and far too common issue. I am fortunate to be in a deeply loving relationship with my husband, one built on mutual respect and trust. If the last few months have taught us anything, it's that way too many women and men have seen the dark side of sex and I need to be more sensitive to this. I am sorry."

During the interview with Kelly Thursday, the 71-year-old Somers told Kelly she has sex with her husband of 40 years every day. "Sometimes I'm not awake for it, though," she said jokingly. The audience, Kelly and the 81-year-old Hamel also laughed.

"Alan's like, 'Those are some of the best times,'" Somers continued.

"Fine by me," Hamel added.

Somers also told a story about meeting with a friend who is a trial lawyer in Canada. The friend was working a rape case that involved a husband and wife. Somers' friend said it was illegal in Canada to have sex with your spouse while he or she is sleeping.

"I said, 'You would be in jail,'" Somers said, pointing to her husband, a Canadian-born TV producer.

Somers was on Megyn Kelly Today to promote her new memoir, Two's Company: A Fifty-Year Romance with Lessons Learned in Love, Life & Business.

Photo: Zach Pagano/NBC