Stomach Ulcer Rupture Is What Killed Beloved Radio DJ: Steve Wright's Cause of Death Released

The veteran BBC radio broadcaster died from acute peritonitis and a perforated gastric peptic ulcer.

Nearly five months after he died in February at the age of 69, BBC Radio 2 DJ Steve Wright's cause of death has been revealed. The legendary radio host, who also hosted programs for BBC Radio 1, died from a ruptured ulcer in his stomach, according to his death certificate, per BBC.

According to the certificate, the stated causes of his death were acute peritonitis and a perforated gastric peptic ulcer. Peritonitis is an inflammation of the lining the abdomen caused by an infection, per Johns Hopkins Medicine, while a perforated ulcer is a complication in which the lining of the stomach splits open, according to the NHS.

Steve Wright

Portrait of BBC Radio 1 disc jockey Steve Wright, photographed for Radio Times in connection with his self titled BBC Radio show, June 1982.

- Chris Ridley/Radio Times/Getty Image)

Wright's death at a flat in the Marylebone area of central London was registered by a family member at the Westminster Register Office on July 3. The long-time radio host, who presented Steve Wright in the Afternoon on BBC Radio for more than three decades until 2022 and also the weekly show Sunday Love Songs, passed away on Monday, Feb. 12, just a day after hosting a pre-recorded special Valentine's Day edition of his Love Songs program. According to the Daily Mail, Wright was found dead at his home just after 10 a.m. after paramedics were called to an "incident."

"It is with deep sorrow and profound regret that we announce the passing of our beloved Steve Wright," his family said in a statement at the time. "In addition to his son, Tom, and daughter, Lucy, Steve leaves behind his brother, Laurence and his father Richard. Also, much-loved close friends and colleagues, and millions of devoted radio listeners who had the good fortune and great pleasure of allowing Steve into their daily lives as one of the UK's most enduring and popular radio personalities."

Although Wright's cause of death was not immediately available upon his Feb. 12 passing, the Metropolitan police previously said Wright's death "was unexpected, but is not being treated as suspicious." His brother, meanwhile, blamed "lifestyle choices" made by the Sunday Love Songs host. In May, Westminster Coroner's Court confirmed that "an inquest will not be required for Mr Wright. The coroner has now discontinued this case."

Born in Greenwich, south London, in 1954, Wright was the voice of BBC radio for decades, beginning his career with the network when he started working as a clerk. He began his broadcasting career in 1976, when he left the BBC to join Radio 210 in Reading, returning to the BBC just four years later when he joined BBC Radio 1. Throughout his decades-long career, Wright presented Steve Wright in the Afternoon, presented a Saturday program, Sunday Love Songs on Radio 2, and also presented a series of specials and podcasts.