Steven Seagal Abruptly Leaves Interview After Host Asks Him About Sexual Assault Allegations

Steven Seagal refused to answer a question about the sexual assault allegations against him during [...]

Steven Seagal refused to answer a question about the sexual assault allegations against him during a televised BBC interview Thursday, walking out of the interview on live TV.

As first reported by TheWrap, when interviewer Kirsty Wark asked the actor, "In terms of your life in America, you've been very much caught up in allegations of sexual harassment. You had a rape allegation against you and I wonder how you deal with all that."

But before she could finish asking her question, Seagal stood up, pulled out his earpiece and left, at which point someone offscreen can be heard asking to help "take the microphone off you."

Wark, later confirmed Seagal had left, saying, "Seagal there, and of course though he didn't respond there, he has said previously that he denies any allegation made against him."

TheWrap first reported in January that two women filed a report with the Los Angeles Police Department against the actor. Regina Simons, who appeared as an extra in the Seagal movie On Deadly Ground, said Seagal raped her in 1993, while former model Faviola Dadis, accused Seagal of groping her during an audition in 2002. A third sexual misconduct case from 2005 involved Seagal is under review by the Los Angeles District Attorney's office.

More than a dozen woman have accused the actor of sexual misconduct, including Portia de Rossi, Julianna Margulies, Katherine Heigl and Jenny McCarthy.

Simons told TheWrap in January that in 1993, Seagal invited her to wrap party at his house for his film On Deadly Ground. But when she got there, Seagal was the only person in the house, and took her into a back room where he raped her.

"He took me into this room and then just closed the door and started kissing me," she said. "He then took my clothes off and before I knew it he was on top of me, raping me."

"The only way I'm able to describe it is I literally felt like I left my body. I think because of the situation I was completely caught off guard," Simons added. "Tears were coming down my face and I know that it hurt. He was three times my size."

Seagal has denied all the allegations against him.

Photo credit: Kristina Nikishina / Stringer, Getty