Spencer Grammer, Daughter of Kelsey Grammer and 'Rick and Morty' Star, Injured in Slashing Attack in New York City

Kelsey Grammer's daughter Spencer Grammer found herself in a scary situation recently. According to TMZ, 36-year-old Grammer was the victim of a slashing incident. Authorities confirmed that this incident occurred late Friday night at The Black Ant in New York City's East Village.

The incident reportedly occurred right before The Black Ant was about to close. Just before it closed down for the night, a man, whom witnesses described as seemingly drunk, approached the location and demanded entry. According to the New York Post, the man refused to leave the eatery and then began to fight with one of the male diners, who reportedly picked up a chair and started swinging it. More than a dozen employees and fellow patrons, including Grammer and her friend Jan Phillip Mueller, then tried to assuage the situation.

The drunken man then began to swing "a silver blade" around, according to one law enforcement source. The man ended up slashing Grammer in the right forearm and her friend Mueller across the back. Both of them were taken to Bellevue Hospital following the incident. They were treated for their injuries — where they both reportedly received stitches and subsequently released.

An eyewitness named David explained the situation to the New York Post, describing just how chaotic the scene was. "Everyone jumped out of their seats. About 15 people, maybe. Everyone was trying to pull them apart," he said. "It looked like there was a full-on brawl," David said that one man, who is believed to have been Grammer's friend Mueller, tried to restrain the assailant, which is when he was injured. The witness continued, "Then I saw blood coming out of the lower right-hand side of his back. I saw enough blood coming out to tell that something was going on." He added that he then called 911. David said that the assailant, which he described as a "well built" man who is "buff, bald and wearing a white shirt, and who may have had a female companion," then fled the scene.

Grammer, who lends her voice to the character of Summer on Rick & Morty, did not answer the door to her East Village place on Saturday to comment on the situation, per the New York Post. Her father did respond to this news with a statement that downplayed the incident. The Frasier star said through his spokesperson, "There are elements of truth to the story but Spencer was not slashed; she is fine."