Kelsey Grammer Says 'Frasier' Revival Odds 'Are Probably About 40-60'

Kelsey Grammer was supposed to be on the TODAY Show to promote his new Netflix movie, but he wound up giving another update on a Frasier reboot Thursday.

"We're talking to some writers about it," Grammer told Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb. "The odds right now are probably about, um, 40/60."

Grammer said he has heard some pitches, but he has one big requirement. The new show should not be stuck in Seattle and set in the same exact apartment.

"We've listened to a couple of takes. We have a couple of ideas that might work out. I don't want to go back to the apartment and pretend I never left Seattle," Grammer said. "Hats off to Will & Grace... But I don't want to do that. So, we'll see."

Talk of Dr. Frasier Crane's return to television began in earnest last month when Grammer reportedly began taking meetings with writers. During the Television Critics Association press tour last week, Grammer said the revival was "in the very early stages," but nothing is set in stone.

"We just have to make sure it’s going to be a great show. If it’s not a great show and we don’t hear a pitch that really hits it out of the park, it probably won’t happen," Grammer said last week.

In an interview with Vulture, Grammer said a new Frasier would need some of the original cast members.

“Certainly I think everyone that was on the show should be on this show, and then go from there. I know that some people have written things that are different than that, but they got a lot of it wrong," Grammer explained.

Frasier had a remarkably consisted cast for a show that ran 11 seasons. David Hyde Pierce played Frasier's younger brother Niles, Jane Leeves starred as Niles' eventual wife Daphne Moon. Peri Gilpin starred as Frasier's radio producer, Roz Doyle. John Mahoney, who played Fasier's father Martin, died in February at 77.

The original series ended with Fraiser leaving Seattle and his family behind for Chicago to be with Charlotte (Laura Linney). Frasier also has a son, who would now be in his 30s. This could inspire a new story recreating the Frasier-Martin relationship in a new series.

“I think there’s certainly some distance to go with that. I think there’s a kernel of good thinking there — that the relationship becomes the Martin–Frasier relationship," Grammer told Vulture.

Grammer played Frasier for 20 years, starting in season three of Cheers, and won four Emmys for playing the character.


While we wait for word on a Frasier reboot, fans can check out Grammer's new movie, Like Father, now streaming on Netflix. He also stars in Fox's new legal drama Proven Innocent with Rachelle Lefevre and Vincent Kartheiser.

Photo credit: CBS via Getty Images