'Sons of Anarchy' Star Kim Coates Says He Wants to 'Knock Out' Colin Cowherd in Heated Tweet

Sons of Anarchy alum and proud Canadian Kim Coates got pretty emotional earlier this month thanks to noted sports talk villain Colin Cowherd. The contentious host managed to anger the SAMCRO standout by trashing the Toronto Raptors during a discussion about the upcoming NBA playoffs.

During an episode of The Herd on Fox Sports 1 last week, Cowherd and co-host Joy Taylor were discussing the teams moving forward into the NBA postseason. This led to the following bit singled out by a fan on Twitter.

"Toronto [Raptors] I don't take seriously," Cowherd said on the show, prompting Taylor to ask him "what is it with you" when it comes to Toronto and its NBA franchise.

"Canada is uhhh...SOFT," Cowherd finished the moment.

Coates apparently got wind on Twitter and responded with a tweet that was soon deleted by the social media platform.

(Photo: Kim Coates / Twitter)

"This big shot [Colin Cowherd] just called Canada Soft.. hey big shot with or without skates on I'll f--ing knock you out tough guy.. watch your mouth.. you wanna call the Raptors soft go ahead .. but keep your generalizations to yourself..punk," Coates wrote, signing the tweet with his name.

The message was later deleted, but Coates did address it and the response that followed.

"Happy Sat peeps. How goes the battle. Got my wrist slapped. Felt good. I don’t forget anything. Ever," Coates wrote in a follow-up tweet. "Much love. What comes out of people’s mouths on social media and on TV and on radio matters .. spread positive vibes and stand up for what’s RIGHT and JUST always."

A fan noted that the original tweet was deleted, adding that Coates' Sons of Anarchy character, Tig, would be ashamed. This prompted Coates to clarify how the original got deleted.

"I had nothing to do with that. It was done for me," Coates said, adding a sunglasses and fist bump emoji surrounding a flag of Canada.

"I’m not making any amends... and it wasn’t me who slipped... but the rules on twitter are the rules," Coates added after another fan responded. Judging from his point of view, Twitter likely forced the deletion after the initial tweet had been reported to the company.

As Twitter outlines on their official site, their rules towards threats of violence are fairly clear.

"You may not make specific threats of violence or wish for the serious physical harm, death, or disease of an individual or group of people."


Given that Coates' initial tweet mentioned "knocking out" Cowherd, it could be expected that it broke Twitter's rules and terms of service.

But what is clear is that Coates' character on Sons of Anarchy likely wasn't too far off from the real man. Maybe not to the wild extremes that Kurt Sutter pushed on the character, but he is definitely a guy that fits the role.