'Sons of Anarchy' Creator Kurt Sutter Slams Hollywood Execs After Weinstein Scandal

Kurt Sutter, the creator of Sons of Anarchy, has authored a ripping critique of Hollywood executives in the wake of the sexual assault allegations mounted against producer Harvey Weinstein.

Sutter published his thoughts at Deadline and began with a scathing condemnation of the Weinstein Company co-founder.

"The allegations against Harvey Weinstein are clearly deplorable," Sutter wrote. "No matter how many great films he's bullied into production, or his guilt-induced contributions to left-minded ideals, this kind of intimidation and abuse of power is perverse and utterly unforgivable. Period."

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He then turned his attention to Weinstein's fellow executives that let the abuse happen. He bashes the "Hollywood power machine" that tends overlook the offenses, publicly condemn the perpetrator when the offenses become public and then welcome the wrongdoer back in open arms later on.

"What's equally unnerving to me is the multi-faced, backroom, Hollywood power
machine that has been protecting this kind of behavior for decades and
when dirt bursts through the seams, diligently sweeps it under its antique
Mansour rug," he wrote.

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Sutter then pointed out that while he's in a position to publicly bash the system, he still isn't sure how to stop this cycle from continuing.


"I've carved out my bloody niche and clearly don't give a f--- about pissing people off," he wrote. "So it's safe for me to spit in the face of TWC and loath the cowardice c---s whispering in the hallway. And truth be told, my career has been fueled by the blowback of my bombastic noise. I openly cop to that.

"I have no solution. All I have is my noise."