Social Media Influencer Slams Miley Cyrus for 'Praising' Obesity in 'Mother's Daughter' Music Video

Earlier this month, Miley Cyrus released the music video for her debut single "Mother's Daughter" off her new EP, She Is Coming. But while the premise of her artsy video is one of stunning female empowerment, it's sparking a bit of backlash from a social media influencer suggesting how there's nothing to praise about obesity.

mother's daughter
(Photo: YouTube / Miley Cyrus)

With shots of Cyrus interspersed with footage of women, including models, activists and Cyrus' mom, Tish Cyrus, and messages like "Every woman is a riot" and "Feminist AF," Twitter user Pamela Umeh criticized Cyrus' use of a plus-sized model's appearance, writing how Angelina Duplisea, who appears nude while lying on a chaise lounge and fanning herself should not be viewed with praise.

"Don't care how I'm viewed but someone has to say it," she wrote. "This is not healthy, this is obesity that leads to health problems and shouldn't be praised or accepted because society has become so sensitive to everything."

Some people agreed with her in regards to health problems that can stem from being severely overweight.

Many others criticized Umeh for her words and argued that the video was promoting inclusion rather than glorifying obesity.

Umeh added another tweet that her initial thoughts were a reflection of seeing people around her suffer from health problems due to obesity.

Duplisea reflected on her appearance in the video on the day of its release, sharing a still from the clip on Instagram along with a lengthy caption.

"Fat acceptance is based on the notion that all fat people, regardless of health, deserve respect," she wrote. "And it's a battle that is fought every day by thousands, including myself."


"People just love to leave awful comments on fat folks photos in order to feel superior and I promise you, not one of these commenters actually cares about the health, family, environment or whatever bulls— reason they give for their vile behavior towards a fat person," she continued. "Next time you see a fat person posting pictures of themselves living their life, stop and ask yourself why you wish to spoil their joy. I guarantee that you can't come up with a valid reason that isn't based in your own ego gratification. Stop it and do better!"

Photo Credit: YouTube / Miley Cyrus