Social Media Blasts Megyn Kelly's Unemployment Joke Ahead of Her Jury Duty Stint

Former NBC host Megyn Kelly got blasted on social media, yet again, not long after her exit from the media giant after making remarks about blackface.

Kelly joked about her unemployment on Twitter just before serving for jury duty in New York. Her tweet reads, "About to begin jury duty this morning. Slightly concerned about the effectiveness of the 'I'm far too busy' excuse this time."

Social media users immediately took to Twitter with harsh responses.

One user said, "Just tell them your thoughts on the classic art of blackface. They'll send you home first."

Another user responded with, "Don't worry, they rarely pick racists."

One even said, "I don't think this tweet is helping your PR, honey. Show up for your civic duty with your head high. It's a learning opportunity for a gal that has been served a big helping of humble pie. Work on your self awareness and lay low for a while."

Several others vented their thoughts towards the former Fox News anchor, but some tried to give Kelly the benefit of the doubt by understanding it was a joke.

This all started when Kelly — joined by a panel of guests — discussed the topic of insensitive Halloween costumes on her show Megyn Kelly Today. This came about after a Real Housewives star dressed as Diana Ross. To the surprise of many, the host defended blackface by saying it was "ok" when she was a kid, "as long as you were dressing up as, like a character."


After delivering a formal, public apology, Kelly was still fired as it wasn't enough to suffice.

It has been reported that the former host is allowed to work for a different outlet if offered, with no non-compete restrictions.