Sharon Osbourne Facing Backlash for Firing an Assistant After He Saved Her Dogs From a House Fire

Sharon Osbourne is under fire after she admitted to firing an assistant who saved her dogs in a house fire. Osbourne told the story of firing the man during the BBC game show Would I Lie to You? as if it was funny, but few online are laughing. Some even called the story "absolutely disgusting" and were horrified that people in the studio audience found it funny.

The Talk host told the studio audience that her and husband Ozzy Osbourne's home became engulfed in flames thanks to a candle they received as a gift one Christmas. The fire alarm went off, and Osbourne found Ozzy with "half his hair" on fire. Osbourne's assistant was asleep at the time and nothing she was doing could stop the fire.

"So then outside there was a fountain," Osbourne explained. "I pushed Ozzy out and then the arm and his hair stopped. And then I think 'Right, where is that assistant?' So I go into the guest house and he's going, 'Everything Alright?' and I'm like 'No, house is on fire. Get out, help. Go in and get the paintings out.'"

Osbourne said she then told her assistant to get their dogs before firefighters arrived. When they showed up, they gave the assistant oxygen. Instead of thanking him for saving their dogs, Osbourne recalled telling the assistant, "How very dare you, you work here, and you get more paintings out right now."

Osbourne said she pulled the assistant's oxygen mask and gave it to one of the dogs, a revelation that earned laughter from the audience, notes PEOPLE. Then, she described firing the assistant.

"After this terrible night, he was not talking to me," Osbourne said. "And Ozzy and I were counting everything and we were laughing and laughing and he goes 'I don't see what's funny about any of this. I think I am going to have damaged lungs.'"

"So then, I just said 'If you don't think that's funny, do you think this is funny?'" Osbourne continued. "And he said, 'What?' And I said, 'You're fired.'"

The show's judges all thought the story was true, and Osbourne confirmed it was.

Would I Lie to You? fans took to YouTube to share how horrified they were and disappointed in Osbourne to hear the story was true.

"I was hoping this story was a clever and creative lie, but no," one person wrote. "Absolutely disgusting."

"Absolutely disgusting," another wrote. "What's worse is everyone laughing along like it's no big deal. What a vile woman."

"What a horrid woman!" another commented. "I can't believe she's telling this story thinking it's a cute little anecdote. Appalling. She clearly doesn't even realise how disgusting she is for this."

"Well [Osbourne] has just ousted herself as a horrible person on #WILTY," another tweeted. "A PA saves your dogs from your burning house only to rip their oxygen mask and send them in to save your paintings. Then fire them for not finding the situation funny. I hope they sue for everything!"


Osbourne has not commented on the backlash the story received.

Photo credit: Rich Fury/Getty Images