Selma Blair's Restraining Order Against Ex-Boyfriend Extended Through Summer

Selma Blair has obtained protection from her ex-boyfriend for two more months. The 50-year-old actress was given an extension on her temporary restraining order against Ronald Carlson, reported Radar.

The court-ordered protection for Blair will continue until at least September 10, according to documents obtained by Radar. Carlson filed the request on Wednesday, but Blair did not object.

A restraining order was granted against Blair's ex in March after she claimed he assaulted her and threatened to strangle her after calling her a "cripple." Blair is living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and was taking medication for it at the time of the alleged assault.

A temporary restraining order was also sought against Blair by Carlson, who claimed she had attacked him. A hearing was scheduled for July 12 in Los Angeles Superior Court, but it was postponed pending a review of Carlson's criminal case, according to Radar.

Blair's ex went to court and asked that the hearing be moved due to a June 22 arrangement. Carlson proposed that the hearing on his restraining order be rescheduled for after September 10. "Both parties have agreed," he wrote in his request. Their temporary restraining orders will be effective until at least the date requested, and Blair must remain at least 100 yards away from Carlson and his daughter in the upcoming months.

The Legally Blonde star filed for a restraining order against her former significant other in March following an alleged incident in February. According to her filing, Carlson became angry and violent when returning a television to her home after she explained that she was weak from MS treatment.

According to Blair's court documents, he aggressively strangled her while she lay on the sofa. She said the violence escalated, eventually causing the star to fall to the ground and begin bleeding from her nose.

Per the document, she passed out while speaking with officers that evening and was taken to the hospital via ambulance. Los Angeles Police Department photos show bruising around her neck, chin, and marks on her hands.


Police recommended she file for a restraining order, which was granted on February 25. Carlson also filed for a restraining order, which was denied.

Carlson said Blair erupted when he declined an invitation to sit next to her. He claimed Blair shouted at him, called his daughter a "f----- loser," and struck his face. Carlson stated that this wasn't the first time she was abusive toward him, alleging Blair had regular violent outbursts "depending on the medications she is taking or when she consumes cannabis or marijuana," PEOPLE reported. In February, the actress' boyfriend of seven years was arrested on a felony charge of domestic violence with corporal injuries.