Selma Blair Gets Blasted by Critics for Bathtub Photo With Son

Selma Blair has been the subject of a few headlines in recent months, mostly stemming from her heartbreaking MS diagnosis. But that doesn't mean she's missed out on controversy due to her condition. Blair has sparked a few debates online thanks to her fashion choices and social media, but the latest shot with her son had people crying foul all over.

The throwback photo featured Blair in the bathtub with her son Arthur positioned between her legs.

"A throwback. We always make our day work," Blair wrote in the caption of the photo. "My dream is to jump in the ocean again with this one thing. [Healing]. [Thank you]. Signing off. Going to sleep. We all wile the miles somehow. Together. Many the miles. XXX bless them." Blair finished the post with the hashtag "bikini bath," but that didn't seem to stop some from saying it rubbed them the wrong way.

(Photo: Selma Blair/Instagram)

"This picture makes me uncomfortable. Inappropriate. Legs agape? It's just not tasteful. Otherwise I'm a fan," one comment wrote on the photo.

"Too old for that in my opinion," another wrote.

"This is not normal for you to have your son that old in the tub with you, if you are wearing a bathing suit or not," another lectured. "It is just WRONG!"

The string of criticism actually prompted a response from Blair.

"He came out of those gaping legs!!! Old news for this kid," Blair wrote in response to the first comment.

Other fans also chimed in defending the photo and calling for calm with people criticizing Blair's pose with her son.

"It says bikini bath people geez," one defender wrote. "Same as a pool."

"What people don't understand is even reacting to the negative comments only feeds the fire and makes the situation worse," another wrote. "To each their own their opinions. I think this is a beautiful memory/photograph that'll be treasured forever."

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In light of Blair's current health battle, a few were questioning giving her extra stress. If the photo makes a person uncomfortable, you can't really complain too much. It's a mother opening up about her relationship with her son, not breaking laws.

Blair has proven she's not going to shy away from being open and honest about her life at this point. This includes the ups and downs of her treatments and time as a mother.