Scarlett Johansson Parties Hard With Grandma Look-Alike

Recently, Scarlett Johansson had a chance to meet her "drunk as a skunk" grandma doppelganger, and now she tells Stephen Colbert that two of them got "trashed" together too.

In a story first shared by E! News, Johansson told the Late Show host, "Oh my gosh, I have a doppelganger. This grandson posted it on Reddit and I don't have any social media presence. This came to me purely because people were like, 'Oh my God, you have a doppelganger and it's crazy. So I looked at this link online."

She went on to say that the younger picture of the grandma, whose name is Geraldine Dodd, looked exactly like her from the film Lucy.

Johansson went on, "She the Rough Night premiere and we did get kind of trashed. She is so nice! Geraldine! Can she party? Oh my God, she's a lush. She was such a nice woman though, honestly, it was wonderful to meet her."

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Lastly, Johansson gave a little backstory on Dodd, saying, "She's from Arkansas and her daughter, of course, owns a bar and I will eventually make my way to Arkansas and continue this lovely family reunion. She's just, she's just awesome."

As Johansson mention, a while back Dodd's grandson posted an old photo of her from when she was about 22 years old.

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He added, "It was in 1967 at Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa, OK. I called her and she said, 'Oh sh*t, that picture? I was drunk as a skunk!"

Rough Night is now playing in theaters.