Scarlett Johansson Lookalike Is Driving Social Media Wild

A Scarlett Johansson lookalike has been discovered online, and her very uncanny resemblance is driving social media wild. Going by Kate Johansson on TikTok and Instagram, the Russian model bears an uncanny resemblance to the Black Widow star. From her eyes to her wavy blonde hair, it is quite jarring how many of Kate's features are similar to Johansson's.

Over on her Instagram page, many users have been taken aback by her photos, with some going so far as to ask outright if she is the real Scarlett Johansson. "[You're] really telling me this isn't Scarlett Johansson," one user quipped. "[You] really look like Scarlett Johansson," another person commented. Interestingly, at least one user pointed out that Kate's look comes across as a "mix of Scarlett Johansson and Billie Eilish," which is surprisingly accurate.

Notably, while Kate is rocking a classic Johansson look, she's not quite spot-on for how the real ScarJo looks lately. In a recent interview with, Johansson was seen with darker locks, rocking a pulled-back hairstyle. It's clear, however, that Kate still has similar features that aren't fabricated, such as their noses and lips, to some extent.

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Fans of the true Johansson can next catch her in Marvel's Black Widow, the first MCU film since Spider-Man: Far From Home was released in 2019. Notably, the character of Natasha Romanoff was previously killed off in Avengers: Endgame, so the fact she's returned at all is interesting and exciting. While speaking to, Johannson opened up about saying goodbye to playing Natasha and how she feels about the character's arc ending.


"Honestly, I feel like it's always, it feels great to leave a party when it's still raging, and I think that this film [Black Widow] feels very much like it's alive and fresh and powerful, and I feel really pleased with it," the actress said. "I feel really happy with the work that we've done for this decade of time and, you know, it's bittersweet to say, 'Goodbye,' but if you love something, you need to set it free!" Black Widow opens in theaters on Friday, July 9, following months of Covid-19 related delays. Disney+ subscribers will also have a chance to check out the movie, as it will be available to rent through the service's Premium Access option for an additional fee.