Savannah Guthrie Retweets Senator's Response to Workplace Sexual Harassment

Savannah Guthrie unwittingly sparked a backlash over sexual harassment in the workplace on Twitter Wednesday after retweeting a tweet from CNN reporter David Wright in which he quoted her interview with Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

Gillibrand appeared on the Today show Wednesday to discuss Donald Trump's recent tweet disparaging her, in which he wrote that she would come to his office "begging" for campaign contributions.

In the quote Wright tweeted, Guthrie asked Gillibrand, "Did you interpret that tweet as a sexual reference? That you would trade sexual favors for campaign cash? Is that what the president was saying about you?"

Gillibrand responded, "Well certainly that's how I and many people read it."

While many people discussed their own interpretations of Trump's tweet in the responses to Guthrie's retweet, others noted the irony of her speaking with Gillibrand about sexual harassment in light of the recent allegations against former Today show anchor Matt Lauer.

"This coming from colleagues that went along with sexual references from Matt Lauer," one person wrote.

"Why don't you report on your friend Matt Lauer," another queried. Lauer was fired from NBC in November for alleged inappropriate sexual behavior. Since his firing, numerous claims have been made against him regarding workplace sexual harassment.


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