Savannah Guthrie Claps Back After 'Today' Viewers Call On-Air Hairstyle 'Distracting' and 'Unkempt'

Like many of American citizens, Today anchor Savannah Guthrie is being forced to work from home while businesses have seemingly been wary to lift the lockdown just yet. This means Guthrie's glam squad isn't exactly aiding in her daily routine before going on-air. While she and many other reporters and anchors have been forced to do their own hair and makeup, without the help of professionals or proper lighting, she's doing the best she can; however, it hasn't come without criticism.

Guthrie quickly fired back at one of her viewers after they commented on how her hair and makeup looked during a morning newscast. "[Savannah] Cmon. With what they pay you, can't you afford a hair stylist? I love the natural unkempt look but its (sic) distracting on [NBC News] national news," the Twitter use wrote. The morning anchor then replied with, "We are all doing our own hair and makeup during the pandemic. And yes it shows!"

Fans quickly applauded Guthrie for her response. "You keep on keepin on [Savannah]- women being critical of women, especially on a public platform? Poor form," one person wrote. Someone else said, "Apparently [Susan Soltero] hasn't heard we're in the middle of a pandemic and many people are not back at work. Savannah you're a great journalist and we love you for your knowledge, ability and empathy, not for your hair." While several more were in support of Guthrie, the woman who initially made the statement then replied to clarify what she meant, although it still came off in a manner that rubbed viewers the wrong way.

"I didn't mean to be mean," she tweeted. "I worked in television for 32 years. I was just surprised that the makeup artist would let the hair slide on national tv for two days. You do look great. Its the hair that needs a little love. We love you in Puerto Rico! @mujeresalpoder." She later tweeted again regarding the issue saying her words were "taken out of context."

"My words have been taken out of context by many of you. This isn't just about [Savannah] In television, there are producers and makeup artists that are supposed to protect her. All she needed was a good brush. Someone's not doing their job on the set. Just sayin'," she wrote.