Sarah Michelle Gellar Fires Back at Mom Shamers: 'Who Am I Apologizing To?'

Sarah Michelle Gellar has no time for mom shamers. The Buffy the Vampire Slayer star sees no [...]

Sarah Michelle Gellar has no time for mom shamers. The Buffy the Vampire Slayer star sees no reason to apoligize for any of her parenting decisions. Gellar and her husband, actor Freddie Prinze Jr., have two children, Charlotte, 10, and Rocky, 7, both of whom they do not show on social media.

In a new interview with CafeMom, Gellar was asked what was one thing she has done as a mother she would never apologize for. Rather than picking something in particular, Gellar wondered who it was she would be apologizing to.

"My question is -- who am I apologizing to? Did I do something wrong to my children?" Gellar asked. "Am I apologizing to their future selves? I would question who I'm apologizing to."

Gellar, 42, has been the target of mommy shamers in the past, and has made it clear she really does not care about outside criticism.

"I give zero (expletives)," she told TODAY back in November 2017. "Parenting is the hardest thing. If one of my friends called me and said something, maybe I'd feel that way. Freddie once told me that if you read your good reviews, you have to read your bad reviews just as much."

Gellar has been one of the few celebrities to avoid showing photos of her children on Instagram. In September, she did share photos of her children as babies to mark their birthdays, but they are rarely seen, even from behind.

"My husband and I both have careers in the public eye, but my kids haven't chosen this for themselves. They haven't chosen to have their lives put out there, to be judged, to have comments by people they've never met over just a snippet," she told CafeMom. "The best way for us to deal with that was to just keep our private life private."

Gellar is now working on her return to television with Other People's Houses, a dramedy in development at Fox. It will be her first lead role on television since The Crazy Ones, her short-lived CBS sitcom co-starring the late Robin Williams.

Other People's Houses was written by Ringer creators Eric Charmelo and Nicole Snyder. It centers on nine characters who live in the affluent Los Angeles neighborhood of Larchmont Village. Gellar will play one of two stay-at-home mothers in the roster of characters.

"It was all the stars aligning," Gellar told CafeMom about her return to television. "I had taken some time off to be with my kids when they were young. You get this one opportunity when they're this little and they really want to be with you, and their schedule is not school and extracurricular activities and it was sort of a perfect time, but during that time, there was this transitional period in entertainment, where it's sort of like the wild wild West. You can really tell great stories that don't have to fit any mold."

In August, Deadline reported that Fox gave Other People's Houses a script commitment, but it is not known when it would debut.

Photo credit: Paul Archuleta/Getty Images