Salma Hayek Suffers Hilarious Wardrobe Malfunction Minutes Before Presenting at SAG Awards

Salma Hayek almost didn't make it on stage to present during the 2022 Screen Actors Guild Awards Sunday night after suffering a hilarious wardrobe malfunction while in the bathroom alongside Fran Drescher. The House of Gucci actress, who was presenting the award for Male Actor in a Television Movie or Limited Series, was just minutes away from her time in the spotlight when her glove got stuck on Drescher's dress.

Hayek chronicled the whole misadventure on her Instagram, sharing footage of an assistant working hurriedly to carefully unhook the sheer glove from the crystals on the newly-appointed President of SAG-AFTRA's intricate gown. "I can't even believe, are you videotaping this?" Drescher asks in the video, as both actresses try not to move waiting to be freed by the nimble fingers of the assistant.

"Oh my god, we're stuck," Hayek says in the video, joking to Drescher, "You're coming out to present with me." Fortunately, the two stars were freed in time for the Desperado star to make it on stage and present the SAG award to Michael Keaton, who was honored for his performance in Dopesick. While Hayek and Drescher's joint wardrobe malfunction might have added a bit of stress to the evening, it provided a moment for the two to chat about the green council, made up of A-Listers in SAG-AFTRA who will work together to advocate for eco-friendly policies designed to reduce Hollywood's environmental impact.

"You know, I think I wrote you a letter, we must have sent it to your reps, because I want to pull you in to my green council, and I said to you how magnificent you were in Gucci, and how fearless you were, and ironically, how much I love that we always randomly run into each other," Drescher said in the bathroom, recalling a time where the two connected in Boulevard Saint-Germain in Paris. "I know!" Hayek responded. 


In the caption of her hilarious video, Hayek wrote, "My glove got stuck on the great @officialfrandrescher dress, so I got stuck in the bathroom right before I had to present the award to @michaelkeatondouglas who was also stuck in the bathroom." The star's caption referenced Keaton's own bathroom saga that ironically enough almost prevented him from accepting the honor. The Birdman actor joked as he got up on stage, "Sorry, quick trip to the men's room. It's packed!"