Salma Hayek Recalls Breastfeeding Another Woman's Baby: 'They Could Have Milked That Milking Moment'

Salma Hayek recently opened up about the moment she breastfed another woman's baby, saying, "They could have milked that milking moment."

While being honored at the seventh annual UNICEF Ball on April 14, Hayek took the stage and recalled the story that took place about 10 years ago while she was on a UNICEF trip, as reported by THR.

“This 15-year-old girl is sobbing and shaking with a newborn baby and she said, ‘Please help me. I need milk,’” Hayek said. “We had so many things but we didn’t have milk, except I remembered that I had milk because I was weening my daughter. I just weened my daughter from breastfeeding not long ago and I said, ‘I got milk.…' I sat down and I breastfed this baby.”

Photos of the moment would not come out for a few years later, however, as Hayek's publicist was adamant that UNICEF not release it. Eventually the actress agreed to the pictures being made public.

Additionally, Hayek went on to speak about the rest of that trip, and how she helped administer tetanus shots to children, and even had a neborn die of the disease right in her arms.

“Every time I would look at these vaccinations, I would look at the sample and the syringe,” Hayek said. “It’s nothing for anyone in this room. It’s one little piece of medication. How many medications we don’t need that we spend so much money on our neurosis? These are actually cheap, guys. Every time…I think this could have saved that baby.”

Her work with UNICEF is not the only thing that Hayek has been opening up about lately, as just last year the 50-year-old actress did a magazine interview where she spoke candidly about what Hollywood life is like for her now.

She said the stereotype that women can only last so long in the industry hasn't proved true for her at all. "I’ve never had so much work. They tell you, 'Save your money; it’s over at 30,'" she explained.

She then went on to reveal that she was also told, "You will never work in this town because you’re Mexican and your accent."

However, now things are great for her. "Now I’m 50, and I’m working more than ever. The best parts are women in their mid-30s and up. As an actress, this is when it’s richer. Now I am free from the bombshell," she enthusiastically said.


She went on to talk about how she loves producing films but says that she'd also love to be pursued for roles.

"I want somebody to be inspired and want to hire me to do it," she said. "I want to be wanted. I want to be rediscovered. I want somebody to think of me to tell their story."