Salma Hayek Hilariously Imitates Her Dog in Post-Swim Shake-Off

Salma Hayek often uses her Instagram page to show off her sense of humor, and she did that again in another post this week. On Wednesday, she shared a very brief video in which she imitated her dog by shaking off water after a swim. Hayek also shared the trailer for her newest movie, Bliss, co-starring Owen Wilson, with her fans this week.

In the brief new video, Hayek shook her hair and the rest of her body in an attempt to dry off. "I've learned so much from my dogs," she wrote in English and Spanish. The video has been played over 4.6 million times by her followers on Instagram. Hayek's next Instagram post was very different though. It was an older photo with her daughter, Valentina Paloma Pinault, who is now 13. "The good old days when I would run around with my little girl and without a mask," Hayek wrote.

This week, Hayek also shared the trailer for Bliss, which will be released by Amazon Studios on Feb. 5. The science-fiction movie was written and directed by Mike Cahill, whose credits include Another Earth and I Origins. He also directed the pilot for SyFy's The Magicians and was an executive producer on Aaron Paul's Hulu series The Path.

In Bliss, Wilson stars as Greg, a divorcee who goes on a wild journey after meeting Hayek's mysterious Isabel, a homeless woman who believes she is a computer-generated illusion, according to Entertainment Weekly. As hinted in the trailer, Greg soon learns Isabel might be telling the truth with some of her wild theories. This changes everything about how Greg feels about the world, forcing his daughter (Nesta Cooper) to try to pull him back to reality.


"I wanted to tell a story about the fragility of the mind and the malleability of our perception," Cahill said in a statement to EW. "I particularly wanted to make a film that treated different ways of seeing the world with compassion and empathy, as opposed to judgment. To me, this is an important bridge of connection humans need and I felt like I had a way to dramatize this idea and make it fun, exciting, thrilling, all while retaining its emotional potency."

Hayek is an Oscar nominee for her performance in Frida (2002) and most recently starred in the comedy Like a Boss with Tiffany Haddish and Rose Byrne. She will next be seen in Marvel's Eternals, which opens on Nov. 5, 2021. She also stars in The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard, co-starring Ryan Reynolds, and Samuel L. Jackson. That movie is set to open on Aug. 20.