Ryan Seacrest's Alleged Sexual Assault Accuser Speaks out: 'I Won't Be Silenced'

The woman who has alleged that Ryan Seacrest sexually assaulted her is speaking out, saying she "won't be silenced."

Suzie Hardy, the former stylist who claims that Seacrest repeatedly harassed her while she was employed as his personal stylist, calls out the TV personality and explains that she now filed a police report regarding the accusations, in a guest column with the The Hollywood Reporter.

"It's been four months since I sent a letter to Ryan Seacrest and E! detailing the sexual assault and harassment I endured while I was Ryan's personal stylist from 2007 to 2012," Hardy writes, later adding, "I finally said 'enough is enough' and went public with my name and the ugly details of what I endured. And then … nothing."

Hardy explains that "when the #MeToo movement empowered so many women to come forward with their truths," she did as well. She feels now, however, that the entertainment industry has let her down.

"Everyone in Hollywood who stands by Ryan now is choosing not to believe me. That includes every guest on his shows, every studio and network that does business with him, every celebrity who talks to him on a red carpet. Know that this is a choice you are making," Hardy continues.

"It was never my intention to go public. When I was enduring harassment, I stayed away from HR because I was informed it was a one-way ticket to the unemployment line," she details in her article. "But because so many of the incidents occurred in front of other people, HR actually called me in to ask if there was something going on romantically between me and my boss. When asked on the spot, I spilled everything to them … and then was systematically flushed"

The stylist also says that all she "wanted was an apology, some validation and some real action to protect women in the workplace."

"What I got was NBC promising to do a thorough and confidential investigation of my claims. Sadly, NBC did not interview 10 of the witnesses I provided, including my therapist and my boyfriend at the time. After closing the books on its 'inconclusive' investigation, NBC refused to provide me with any of its findings or even the HR reports from my 2012 claims," she adds.


Hardy also asserts that "Ryan chose to take this public," not her. "But I will not stand by silently and let Ryan or the sycophants that employ him get away with this. Not when teenagers, with their voices shaking, can speak up to Congress on gun control. I can face this too! Ryan is not a victim, he is the instigator and the assaulter," she went on to say.

Finally, Hardy ends her column by calling out Seacrest, as well as Kelly Ripa, NBC and ABC, daring them to "keep spinning and deflecting. You're all making a big mistake. And Ryan, stop trying to bully me. It's not going to work."