Ruby Rose Gives Makeup-Free Glimpse of Allergic Reaction Caused by Her Job

Ruby Rose revealed the less glamorous side of her job and that she is, after all, only human.

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(Photo: Instagram / @rubyrose)

The Orange Is the New Black actress, who had attended the Pitch Perfect 3 premiere in Sydney, Australia last week, shared a candid selfie on Monday showing her struggle with adult acne, explaining that she's "only human."

"Yea it sucks... for me, I don't see how it's bothering so many others? But I'm a human. It happens," the 32-year-old wrote. "One side of my face is clear and the other side is a mess."

The picture, shared as an Instagram story, shows the actress makeup-free, her right cheek featuring multiple blemishes. Rose revealed that the breakout is a result of her job.

"Dermatologist says its from the bacteria from all the phone interviews I did for PP3 and a reaction to hotel pillow cases (which I already know)...This acne belongs to me, not them, and you are welcome to it," she wrote.


In November, Rose faced backlash over her weight after attending the CMA Awards red carpet. While she shone in a silver-sequined halter dress, fans were preoccupied with her thin arms and the visible outline of her spine.

After receiving the backlash from concerned fans, the actress addressed the issue, claiming that her previous bad eating and drinking habits led to her getting sick almost every month. She also informed fans that she has a healthy diet now and has quick drinking.