'OITNB's Ruby Rose Body-Shamed for Being Too Skinny

When Ruby Rose hit the CMA Awards red carpet, fans were torn between her trendy, glam look and her strikingly slender frame.

The Orange Is the New Black star donned a silver sequined halter dress with a cut-out back, showing off her thin arms and the visible outline of her spine.

“Are you starving yourself?” one follower wrote on Rose’s Instagram photos from the event. Another added, “You look too skinny.”

(Photo: Getty / Taylor Hill / Contributor)

Her thinning appearance over the years has even led professionals to question whether Rose’s new habits are actually healthy.

“Her family and management team need to encourage her to gain some weight before it’s too late,” Los Angeles-based dietitian Lisa De Fazio told NW Magazine, the Daily Mail reports.

De Fazio added that she believes the actress weighs only 97 pounds, which would make her vastly underweight for a person who stands 5’7” tall. A healthy weight for a person that size would be around 134 pounds.

Despite these concerns, Rose often blasts body shamers who call her "too skinny." She has that in common with fellow OITNB actress Taryn Manning.

In a recent post to her Instagram story, the actress showed off her flat abs and wrote, “Body shamers, I had a great workout this morn, thanks for asking, and am off to eat a vegan burger because why the F not!”

“Body shaming S—TS me!” she also wrote. “It’s so frustrating. Everyone is so different. I eat so much amazing food.”

Rose has adopted a vegan lifestyle, cutting processed ingredients and adopting a plant-based diet. She also quit drinking and trains with intense gym sessions.

Some have slammed Rose for looking “better” in her early 20s when she was noticeably thicker, but the actress said her health has drastically increased since cleaning up her diet and exercise.

She said her former bad eating and drinking habits contributed to monthly sickness with pneumonia or chest infections.

“I get sick maybe once a year now, so please take care of your body and your mind and your soul and stop judging others,” she wrote to a fan who didn’t like her "new" body.