Photos of Roseanne Barr Posing as Adolf Hitler Resurface on Social Media

Roseanne Barr has never been one to shy away from controversy. But this time, it seems the controversy has found her.

Fresh off her revival of Roseanne hitting massive ratings in its first week, photos of Barr from a 2009 photo shoot resurfaced on social media Thursday. The shoot was originally for the Jewish humor magazine Heeb, depicting Barr as Adolf Hitler pulling burnt cookies out of the oven shaped like people, referencing the murders of over 6 millions Jewish people by the Nazi party during World War II.

According to FOX News, Barr requested to wear the infamous Hitler moustached and swastika. Although Barr is herself Jewish, the reappearance of the photos sparked massive outrage on social media.

"Hey [ABC Network] Here is Roseanne dressed as Hitler putting cookies that apparently represent Jewish children as reported by Fox News back in 2009 -So we can assume ABC is cool with this," comedian and CNN contributor, Dean Obeidallah wrote.

"The photo is real. [Roseanne Barr] burned cookies that looked like people in an oven while dressed as Adolph Hitler. I am actually crying. I think of the anguish of my family. I think of this little boy, Antosh, my sons' great uncle, murdered at 11. One of Roseanne's cookies," New York Times writer, Kurt Eichenwald tweeted.

"Roseanne Barr dressed up as Hitler and pretended to eat burnt cookies out of the oven. 1. This is beyond disgusting. 2. How the heck did she get a new show after this? 3. ABC should cancel her show," another Twitter user wrote.

"It's legit. Trumpkin Roseanne Barr really did pose as Hitler with a tray of burned cookies shaped as people being removed from an oven, joking about murdered Jews," added another.

This also isn't the first time Barr has been linked to the Nazi Party just this week. She previously tweeted the phrase "NAZI SALUTE" to Parkland Shooting survivor Daving Hogg on Tuesday. ABC demanded she delete the tweet, but not before it was captured via screenshot.


Barr has not publicly commented on the photos reappearing, writing on Twitter on Thursday night she was "taking a break" from social media to celebrate Passover.

ABC has yet to comment on the photos as well.