Rosario Dawson Celebrates 39th Birthday in Birthday Suit

Rosario Dawson celebrated her 39th birthday on Wednesday by stripping down to her birthday suit. The Daredevil actress posted a video and photo to show off her great body.

Happy birthday suit to me... 39 & feelin’ fine...

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First, Dawson posted a brief video clip of herself sitting in the nude, with her hands covering her chest. "Happy birthday suit to me... 39 & feelin' fine," she wrote.

Dawson then shared a photo from her bathroom, with an expertly placed bouquet of flowers. "Reflections on not letting gravity bring me down," she wrote in the caption.

Dawson showed confidence in her body just months after revealing she was the victim of sexual abuse. In a January interview with the podcast Morado Lens, Dawson said she was raped and molested as a child, which is why she supports the #MeToo and Time's Up movements.

"I was raped and molested as a child, so for me, the world was like that since I was a child," she said. "So when I saw it in the workplace, it wasn't foreign to me. It was like, well, that even happens within the family. It happens with people that are supposed to take care of you when you're a child."

The actress' life was also recently changed by a tragedy. In May 2017, she found her 26-year-old cousin, Vaneza Ines Vasquez, dead in her Venice, California home.

"When Vaneza died, it was like, oh my god, regardless of how well I've spent these years, I've already got 12 more years of life than Vaneza will ever have," she told Morado Lens. "And I think what it really did was give me back my gratitude."

Dawson also recently contributed to a comic book to support Puerto Rico, which is still recovering from Hurricane Maria. Dawson wrote a story for Ricanstruction: Reminiscing & Rebuilding Puerto Rico, a project spearheaded by Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez and featuring his superhero La Borinqueña. The book will be available internationally on May 29 and includes contributions from 150 writers and artists.


Dawson's contribution includes a cover by artist Frank Miller, showing La Borinqueña with Wonder Woman and Lara, the daughter of Wonder Woman and Superman from Miller's Dark Knight universe. In April, Dawson even shared a photo of herself in her own La Borinqueña costume.

Dawson recently starred in Jane The Virgin's fourth season as Jane Ramos. She also plays Claire Temple in Marvel's Netflix series and has voiced Wonder Woman in four DC Comics animated movies, including the upcoming The Death of Superman.