Robin Roberts Admits to Ellen DeGeneres That She Once Peed Her Pants During a Big Interview

Robin Roberts may be a pro on camera now, but she was a newbie who was nervous at one point in her [...]

Robin Roberts may be a pro on camera now, but she was a newbie who was nervous at one point in her career. Roberts was a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and when host Ellen DeGeneres asked her if she remembered her first interview, Roberts then jokingly asked why she was asking her such a question. Before she moved forward with her answer, Roberts noted that as long as she and DeGeneres have known each other, she's never shared this bit of information.

Roberts confessed that she "wet" herself during her first big interview — which was a big enough one at the time but not big enough to remember who it was with. "All the years I've known you, I've never shared this," Roberts started. "My first big interview, I was still in college, and I was quite nervous. And I, um, how can I make this, um, I wet myself." DeGeneres naturally responded with a joke asking if she accidentally poured water on herself, to which Roberts implied that she wishes that were the case.

When Roberts jokingly told DeGeneres, "We'll go with that" in response to her pouring water on herself, she then made it clear that was not the case. "No. No, it was 'clean up on aisle 1' after I did the big interview." The comedian then asked if Roberts remembers who the interview was with she said she couldn't recall but that she wanted to make a great impression. "I don't remember who the interview was with," Roberts said. "I was nervous. I was still in college. I was really wanting to make an impression. And I think I really did, remembering it after all this time."

DeGeneres laughed it off and then asked if it was so bad that the person she was interviewing knew she peed her pants or not, and Roberts assured her that they knew. They then ended the discussion topic with a little joke when DeGeneres asked if she felt "free" now that she shared the story publicly. Roberts said that she felt "relieved."

Roberts was there to chat about a few different things, but the first thing the two discussed was if Roberts received a COVID-19 vaccine. She revealed that she has, in fact, been vaccinated considering she fit so many of the qualifications for needing one being a two-time cancer survivor along with a few other things, and then noted that she didn't deal with any side effects other than being a little fatigued.