Rob Kardashian Reportedly Suing Blac Chyna for Assault and Battery

Rob Kardashian is reportedly filing a lawsuit against his ex-fiancé Blac Chyna for assault and battery.

The 30-year-old Arthur George sock creator claims that the mother of his only child tried to choke him with an iPhone cord, according to The Blast.

In the court documents, Kardashian claims that Chyna consumed a significant amount of drugs and alcohol on the night of December 14, 2016. He says that Chyna, 29, called two of his friends on FaceTime and was playing with his gun.

Later in the evening, Kardashian claims that Chyna lunged towards him with an iPhone charging cable. He alleges that she attempted to strangle him with the cord.

Kardashian says that he was able to get away from Chyna after she chased him and repeatedly struck him in the head and face. The son of Kris Jenner says that he suffered injuries to his neck and documented the entire incident.

After the alleged assault, Kardashian claims that Chyna trashed the house they were staying at, which he was renting from his younger sister Kylie Jenner. He says that Chyna damaged a television, damaged the walls, destroyed cell phones, broke down a door and smashed a gingerbread house.

Furthermore, in the lawsuit, Kardashian says that he attempted to escape in his Bentley but Chyna threw a chair at it and used a metal rod to injure him.

Kylie is also suing Blac Chyna for the damages done to her house, which was estimated in excess of $100,000.


The lawsuit also outlines another slap in the face to Chyna as Kardashian claimed that she was only in a relationship with him to attach herself to the fame of the Kardashian family.

The new filing comes on the heels of Kardashian and Chyna reaching a custody agreement for their daughter, Dream Kardashian. The terms of the arrangement include Chyna receiving $20,000 a month from Kardashian in child support. He will receive just a bit more than 50 percent of custody time.