Rob Corddry Talks Working With 'Ballers' Co-Star Dwayne Johnson (Exclusive)

Rob Corddry is staying busy as he currently stars in Top Gear America with Dax Shepard and Jethro Bovingdon. But is it possible the 51-year-old actor and comedian could reunite with his Ballers co-star Dwayne Johnson? In an exclusive interview with, Corddry was asked if he would work with Johnson again in a Ballers reunion or another project. 

"Yes," Corddry exclusively told PopCutlure without hesitation. Bovingdon quickly followed up and said that he wanted to know who would win in a fight between Shepard and Johnson. "Dax would," Corddry replied. "The Rock is obviously strong, but he can't move fast. Dax would have to know that going in." Corddry went on to say that Johnson is "a great guy. I'd do anything with him. He's just a normal dude, unbelievably. He managed to stay like that so yeah I'd do it. What do you got? I'll do it with them."

Corddry and Johnson starred in the Ballers which aired on HBO from 2015 to 2019. The show focused on a former NFL player turned financial manager (Johnson) and a financial advisor (Corddry) joining forces and looking to have success in the sports business world. Johnson along with Peter Berg, Mark Wahlberg and Dany Garcia were executive producers of Ballers, which lasted for five seasons. 

While Corddry waits for a Johnson reunion, his focus is on the second season of Top Gear America, which steams on Motortrend+. The show consists of Corddry, Shepard and Bovingdon taking part in intense challenges in various cars, and Corddry revealed one of the scariest challenges that he has participated in so far. 

"I would say one of our first days out we had to race around this closed-off neighborhood in our cars before we turned them into hot rods and I chose an old police cruiser," Corddry said. "And, and not made for close turns, and it was just the wrong car for that particular race. And that was scary, I ended up smashing into a curb and almost destroying the car on the first hour of my Top Gear experience. So that was weird. But I don't know. I think I've gotten too comfortable for the producers. They're like Rob, be more hesitant and I'm like, I'm not though."