Rihanna Fans Stunned After Video Shows They've Been Pronouncing Her Name Completely Wrong

Rihanna has been a fixture in the entertainment industry since she released her first single, "Pon de Replay," back in 2005, but — spoiler alert — you've probably been pronouncing her name wrong.

Thanks to a recent video interview with singer did with British Vogue, many fans were made aware of this fact, with the 31-year-old introducing herself as "Ree-anna" rather than "Ree-ah-na," which is how most people pronounce her name.

"Hello, British Vogue, it's Rihanna," the singer says in the clip, which was filmed in Paris at Rihanna's pop-up shop for her new luxury fashion brand, Fenty.

Fans who weren't aware of the correct pronunciation of the singer's name were stunned.

Some people wondered if the issue was with Americans.

Obviously, Rihanna has been saying her own name in interviews for years, which means people were simply ignoring her and choosing to pronounce her name how everyone else was saying it, rather than the way Rihanna herself pronounced it.

The Barbados native even addressed the mispronunciation during an interview with HLN's AJ Hammer, who explained he had been criticized for calling the singer "Ree-anna."

"It is 'Ree-anna,'" she confirmed. "He's right."


Rihanna made the public service announcement again in a 2015 Instagram video, which she captioned, "It's 'Rihanna.'"

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Photo Credit: Getty / Kristy Sparow