Rene Russo Shares Hilarious Story From Steamy Scene With Pierce Brosnan

Movie sex scenes can be terribly awkward for actors to film, but Rene Russo recently shared a story of filming a steamy one with Pierce Brosnan that is simply hilarious.

Russo and Brosnan starred in the 1999 film The Thomas Crown Affair together and, in a new interview with PEOPLE, Russo dished on "the one sex scene on the pool table," and revealed that while it looks "hot," the story behind the scenes is decidedly not.

"First of all, ok, we're nude. We walk in in robes. And, I think I have a tiny, teenie-weenie something, and so does he," Russo starts off.

The interviewer then makes a joke about the actress insinuating that Brosnan has a "tiny, teenie-weenie something" down there, to which Russo laughingly replies, "That's good! No, no, no... teenie-weenie covering a big a— thing."

She then explains that the set crew had to use a large tool similar to a pizza peel (which is the large tool used to put pizza's in a pizza-oven) to slide her into place up against Brosnan for the shot.


"It is not as romantic as it looks," she added before later saying, "That was hard on my back."

Finally, Russo revealed that before they shot the scene, Brosnan came onto set with two glasses of champagne on a silver tray, with the champagne bottle in tow, and toasted, "Let's drunk and do this thing.