Rachel McAdams Reveals Why She Didn't Participate in 'Mean Girls' Commercial With Her Co-Stars

McAdams played the iconic queen bee Regina George in the original 'Mean Girls' film.

Rachel McAdams is opening up about the decision not to reprise her Mean Girls role of Regina George in a recent commercial reunion with her former co-stars Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Seyfried and Lacey Chabert. The actress revealed in a new interview with Variety that she had opted out of the Walmart commercial, despite being the only member of the original Plastics to do so.

"I don't know; I guess I wasn't that excited about doing a commercial if I'm being totally honest. A movie sounded awesome, but I've never done commercials, and it just didn't feel like my bag," McAdams said. "Also... I didn't know that everyone was doing it. I would, of course, always love to be part of a Mean Girls reunion and hang with my Plastics, but yeah, I found that out later."

As for the reason McAdams won't be returning to George's stilettos for the upcoming Mean Girls movie musical, The Notebook actress answered, "Tina [Fey] and I sort of dabbled with a few ideas, but it was tough to make it all work in the end. I was really down for whatever she wanted to do. I think the direction it went in will be fantastic and I cannot wait to see it."

Earlier this month, Chabert opened up to PopCulture.com about returning to her role as Gretchen Wieners for the Mean Girls-inspired Walmart commercial, calling it "awesome" to be back with her co-stars even briefly. "It was awesome," Chabert told PopCulture. "To spend the day with Lindsay and Amanda was just a dream come true."

Reconnecting with her former co-stars almost 20 years after the 2004 film was released was quite the reunion. "We got to reminisce about our experience and also make this new memory and catch up with where we are in life now," Chabert explained. "We're all moms. It was really a full-circle moment. It was really joyful." As for if she's excited to see a new version of the Mean Girls story when the upcoming musical film is released in January, Chabert told PopCulture, "Absolutely. I can't wait to see it. I bet it's incredible."