Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody Have 'The O.C.' Reunion in New Selfie Snap

California, here they come! Actors Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody gave The O.C. fans a mini reunion this week when they posed together for a selfie, with Bilson revealing on Instagram that the two had run into each other at the airport.

"Ran into my ol buddy from jfk to lax," she captioned a photo of herself sticking out her tongue as Brody smiled alongside her, adding the hashtag #californiaherewecome in reference to The O.C.'s theme song and the duo's literal destination.

Naturally, the comments section was in full force, with the show's creator Josh Schwartz joking, "Sorry don’t get the reference."

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Samaire Armstrong, who played Anna on the show, wrote a simple "Awww," while actress Greer Grammer exclaimed, "HYPERVENTILATING."

Fans were also excited to see the pair together, with one writing, "[Oh my God] this is iconic."

"Somewhere in the world, Princess Sparkles and Captain Oats are beaming," another added in tribute to Bilson and Brody's O.C. characters.

Bilson and Brody played Orange County, California teens Summer Roberts and Seth Cohen on the '00s drama, with their characters ending up together. The O.C. ran from 2003-2007 and explored the lives of wealthy teenagers in Orange County through the viewpoint of Ben McKenzie’s Ryan Atwood, a troubled teen who moved in with the Cohen family.

Schwartz told MTV News in 2016 that Bilson's popular girl Summer wasn't supposed to be a main character on the show, but the development of her relationship with lovable nerd Seth quickly became a fan-favorite storyline.

"She was a guest star," he said. "She had three lines in the pilot, one of which was 'I have to pee. You have to pee?' — so not any profound monologues for her to deliver. But she was so winning and adorable and brought such a good energy to the show."

Seth had had a crush on Summer since the pilot episode, but it wasn't until the series' fourth episode that the showrunners decided she'd be staying around.

"We got to the last episode of the summer, which is when all of the kids go to Tijuana, and we really wrote her a bunch of stuff to do that was in that realm of Hepburn-and-Tracy-sparring dialogue with Seth, and she was able to match him dig for dig and joke for joke," Schwartz said. "That's when we knew that this girl was sticking with us for the rest of the ride."


Bilson and Brody also dated in real life, splitting in 2006 after three years together. Cohen is now married to Leighton Meester and Bilson shares 4-year-old daughter Briar with ex Hayden Christensen.

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