Prince Philip's Cause of Death: What to Know

Prince Philip's cause of death has been classified as "old age," according to a death certificate that The Telegraph obtained. Officials did not list any other medical conditions in the document, despite recent heart issues. Philip died on April 9 at the age of 99 years old, making him the oldest male member of the British royal family at his time of death. "His Royal Highness passed away peacefully this morning at Windsor Castle," Buckingham Palace said at the time of his death.

Sir Huw Thomas, the Queen's physician, signed off on the document. "Old age" is a viable cause of death for people over 80 years old whose health has declined over a period of time, as observed by their doctor.

Former rugby star Mike Tindall, who's married to the Queen's granddaughter Zara, recently revealed the private funeral was "the perfect day." "If I look back on the day, as eerie as it was with no crowds and social distancing, and the way everything was, I think it was the perfect day. [It was] how he would have liked it, if that makes sense whatsoever. No fuss, get on with it," he said on his The Good, The Bad, & The Rugby podcast.

Queen Elizabeth reportedly reacted to her husband's funeral by asking that her family give her some space for the time being while she continues to grieve. The Queen and her husband were married for 70 years before he died. "Even after the funeral it was sort of 'you all need to leave,' and so you didn't even get to have that supportive side afterwards," Tindall shared with Good Morning Britain.


"While as a family we are in a period of great sadness, it has been a comfort to us all to see and to hear the tributes paid to my husband, from those within the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth, and around the world," she said in a statement. "My family and I would like to thank you all for the support and kindness shown to us in recent days. We have been deeply touched, and continue to be reminded that Philip had such an extraordinary impact on countless people throughout his life."